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Create a Landing Page

Spectate allows you to create landing pages to promote special events, features, or offers.

  • To create a landing page, click on the "Marketing" tab on the left, and then select Manage -> Landing Pages.

  • Click on the "+ Create Landing Page" link. The "New Landing Page" screen will appear.

  • Fill out the following fields:

    • Name: how you identify your landing page in the system
    • Campaigns: select one or more campaigns to be associated with the landing page
    • Layout: determines the distribution of real estate on your page
    • Logo (optional): The image file that you would like to display on the page
    • Heading: The main title displayed on the page
    • Subheading (optional): Additional lead-in information
    • Main Content: The main body of your landing page
    • Graphic (optional): Additional image to go on the page
    • Secondary Content (optional): Additional content below the main section
    • Include Form: check this box if you would like to create a form to be embedded in your landing page.
    • Footer: information to be displayed at the bottom of the page
  • Click "Create" to finish creating your landing page.