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Adwords Integration into Forms and Landing Pages

Many businesses choose to use Google's Adwords network to drive traffic. Spectate's Forms and Landing Pages can be used in conjunction with Adwords Goal Conversions to help you know when your ads' clicks have resulted in a conversion.

Conversions are set up within Adwords as Goals and results in a code to be placed on a "Thank You" page, or other secondary page that results after an action is completed. Refer to Google's own documentation for assistance with this process.

Copy and paste the Conversion Code into Spectate. Under Form Options (in either Forms or Landing Pages), there is a box titled Completion Code where the code should be pasted.


Spectate will automatically place this code in the proper place, such that any form completions will be noted within Adwords as Conversions.

Below you can see where the Conversions will populate in the main Adwords screen. (Note that these screens are customizable within Adwords and your own column headers may be different than what appears here, but they are easy to change).