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Update or delete a competition

  • To update a competition, click on the Marketing tab on the left, and then click Track -> Competition. You will see the Competitions table that includes all of your currently tracked Competitions. Note that you can sort the table by clicking on the column names. You can also search for the Competition by entering the name into the Filter text field and hitting “return” on your keyboard.

  • To update a competition, click the “Edit” link in the Actions column, which will display the Edit Competition section.

  • You can update the name, URL, and Campaigns of your Competition, and you can also add one or more Competitors. Click the “+” icon or the “+ Add Competitor” link to add a new Competitor.

  • Enter the Competitor’s name and URL. Use the “-“ icon to delete a competitor.

  • Click “Save Changes”.

  • To delete a Competition, click on the “Delete” link in the Actions column. A prompt will ask you to confirm that you want to delete the Competition. Click “Yes” to proceed with the deletion.