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Managing Keywords

Keywords provide users with the ability to chart and track their progress on how well their respective sites rank in search engine results, from the cost-per-click to the overall search volume.

View the Keywords Area
Adding Keywords
Managing Keywords

To View the Keywords Area
1. Select Track
2. Select Keywords
3. You should now see a summary callout of all Keywords, the total number of Keywords, the Average Search Volume per keyword, the Average Cost-Per-Click (CPC) of each keyword, and the Average Ranking Difficulty of each keyword. Additionally, there are two tables, Keywords, which contains the cursory information on the goal progress, and Keyword Suggestions, which provides similar information for related keyword searches.

The Keywords table view displays
1. The keyword Name
2. The Priority of the keyword based on user discretion. This value can range from Low to Medium to High.
3. The overall Search Volume of the keyword
4. The Cost-Per-Click (CPC) of the keyword
5. The overall Ranking Difficulty of the keyword. This value can range from 0-99% with 99% meaning the 99th perecentile of difficulty for your site to display in search engine results for that keyword.
6. The overall Ranking of your site for the keyword.

The Keyword Suggestions table view displays
1. The suggested keyword Name
2. The current overall Search Volume of the suggested keyword
3. The approximate Cost-Per-Click (CPC) of the suggested keyword
4. The current overall Ranking Difficulty of the suggested keyword
5. An option to "Create Keyword" is included with all suggested keywords. This will automatically add the keyword and will be accessible in other areas of the system.

To Add (or Create) a New Keyword
1. Select Create Keyword from the top right
2. Enter the Name - this is also the keyword
3. Select a Campaign. Multiple campaigns can be applied to keywords. A keyword must have a campaign associated with it.
4. Select a Priority. A keyword priority determines the importance of the keyword. This value can range from Low to Medium to High. The default setting is Medium.
5. Select a Site. Keyword analysis can be performed on any of the sites connected into the system.
6. Select Add User/Group to include users and groups of users to receive notifications and updates on keyword progress
Alternatively, new keywords can be added by selecting Create Keyword from the suggested keywords listing.

Managing Keywords

Edit the Keyword
1. To edit, select Edit keyword from the top left. Alternatively, users can select Edit from the row of any table containing the keyword.
2. Follow steps #2-6 in the Add Keyword section
3. Select Save Changes to complete the task. Select Cancel to nix the task.

Copy the Keyword
1. To copy, select Copy from the top left.
2. You should now see the edit dialog box inline. Enter the Name. Names cannot be duplicated.
3. Select Copy to complete the task. Select Cancel to nix the task.

History of the Keyword
1. To view the history of all system activity involved with the keyword, select History from the top left.
2. The recently modified activity will display within the table.
3. Select Cancel from the top right to remove the inline history table and nix the task.

Delete the Keyword
1. To delete, select Delete from the top left.
2. A prompt box will appear asking if the user is sure to delete the keyword. Select OK to complete the task and delete the goal or Cancel to nix the task.