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Create a Goal

Spectate allows you to set your inbound marketing goals and your desired objectives pertaining to those goals. It will then show you the progress that you are making towards achieving them.

  • To create a new Goal, click on the Marketing tab on the left, and then click Track -> Goals.

  • Click the “+Create Goal” link, which will display the New Goal section.

  • Enter the name of your Goal (required, as indicated by the yellow star).

  • In the Campaigns field, enter the Campaign(s) with which you want to associate the Goal. You may also set a due date by clicking on the Due Date text field, and selecting a date from the calendar.

  • Next, you can specify one or more desired objectives. Select a value from the drop-down menu (for instance, “Weekly Visitors”), and then enter a numeric value into the “greater than” field.

  • Next, select for which Twitter account, Facebook account, or campaign you want to set the goal.

  • To add more objectives, click on the “+” sign or on the “+Add Objective” link, and go through the previous two steps.

  • When you’re done specifying all of the date for your goal, click “Create”.