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Managing the Dashboard

View the Dashboard Chart
View the Dashboard Tables

The Dashboard displays a quick snapshot of all activity.

The Dashboard Chart displays bar charts and line graphs of data depending on the Timeframe, the Time Period, and the Source of the information.
1. The Timeframe is the date range of the data - it can span the past day, week, fortnight, and month and can even span months and an all-time range
2. The Time Period is how the data should be displayed - it can display as daily, weekly, or monthly rates
3. The data can display from a variety of Sources:

  • Traffic Sources - the Active Visitors and Leads and the New Visitors and Leads data based on how the visitor executed their page visit
  • Campaigns - the Active Visitors and Leads and the New Visitors and Leads data based on the campaign associated with their page visit
  • Competitors - the Google Inbound Links, Google Indexed Pages, Google PageRank, and Alexa Rank for all setup competitors. For more information on the Competition, please see Competition
  • Goals - the current progress on all current goals. For more information on Goals, including setting them up, Goals
  • Mentions - the frequency of Mentions. For more information on the Mention Tracker, please see Mentions

The Dashboard tables, 24-Hour Performance and Recent Activity display -

  • The 24-Hour Performance table shows all recent activity relating to your account based on category, including Most Active Leads, Most Active Visitor Companies, the total number of Facebook Likes, the Most Active Social Posts, and other important information
  • The Recent Activity table shows all recent system activity in addition to all tracked user activity including Mentions, Search Terms, Referral Sources, Spectate User Activity, and Social Posts