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Managing Sites

View Site Analysis area
Adding a Site to Track
Managing Tracked Sites

Site Analysis provides users with useful information regarding keywords, SEO scores, and page views.

To view the Site Analysis area -
1. Select Analyze
2. Select Sites
3. You should now see a summary callout of all your Pages, Page Views, Average Number of Page Views, and Average Number of Keywords. Additionally, there are two tables Sites, which contains all of the Sites analyzed, and Pages, which contains all of the pages associated with the Sites.

The Sites table view displays -
1. The Name
2. The URL of the tracked site
3. The Pages. Note: the page count will be limited based on your account.
4. The Average Page SEO Score

The Pages table view displays -
1. The Title
2. The Page Views. Note: the page views will remain empty unless the tracking code has been implemented on each tracked page. The default value is 0.
3. The number of Keywords on each individual page
3. The SEO Score for each individual page

To add (or create) a Site to track -

  1. Select Create Site from the top right
  2. Enter the Name
  3. Enter the URL of the Site to track. Note: tracking a Site will only crawl pages on that domain, separate Sites have to be created for each subdomain. Additionally, there is an account limitation on the amount of pages that are tracked.

Managing (or editing) a Site -

  1. Select the Site from the table by Name
  2. Each Site includes tables of information:
    • Site Information
    • Site Stats - total number of Page Views and the Average SEO Score for each page
    • Pages - the Title, Page Views, SEO Score, and associated Keywords for each page crawled
    • Links - a filtered table; displays the URL, Load Time, Result, Originating Page, and Size for all filter options (Problem Links, Broken Links, Working Links, Warning Links, and Ignored Links)
    • Load Times - a filtered chart histogram chart displaying the rendering times for each page divided into three filter options (All Links, Internal Links, and External Links)
    • Keywords - all keywords associated with the pages and the assigned keyword Priority, the overall Search Volume, the Cost-Per-Click (CPC), the overall Ranking Difficulty, and how the specific page Ranked for the keyword
    • Check History - a history table of all the times Spectate checked and updated the Site analysis; this is typically set to update once a week
    • SEO History - a history table of all Google Indexed Pages, Google Inbound Links, Google PageRank, and the Alexa Ranking of a page; this is typically set to update once a week

Each Site includes the following options:

Edit the Site -

  1. To edit, select Edit site from the top left. Alternatively, users can select Edit from the row of the table containing the site.
  2. Follow Steps #2-3 in the Create a site section

History of the Site -

  1. Select History from the top left
  2. The recently modified Activity will display within the table.

Check Now or Updating the Site -

  1. The Site Analysis updates on a regular interval. Alternatively, users have the option of updating the Site whenever they want. Select Check Now from the top left to update the analysis.

Delete the Site -

  1. To delete, select Delete from the top left.
  2. A prompt box will appear asking if the user is sure to Delete the Site. Select Ok to proceed or Cancel to cancel the request.