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Create a new Lead manually

Spectate creates leads automatically whenever a Visitor fills out a form on your site. However, you can also manually create a Lead.

  • Click on the Leads & Visitors tab on the left and click on the Leads link. You will see all of your existing Leads in the Leads table.

  • To create a new Lead, click on the “+Create Lead” link on the right, above the Leads table. The Create Lead screen will appear.

  • Enter your Lead’s email address (which is the only required field), as well as any additional information that you have.

  • To associate a Lead with one or more Campaigns, click “+Add Campaign” and select the Campaign from the drop-down box. You can enter even more specific data about your lead, such as annual revenue or industry, by clicking on the “More Options”.

  • Once you have entered all of the information that you have available, click “Create” to finish creating your Lead.