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Create a Wordpress Connector

  • To create a new WordPress Connector, click on the Administration tab on the left and click on the Connectors link. You will see all of your existing Connectors in the Connectors table.

  • Click on the “+Create Connector” link at the top right. Next, select “WordPress” from the New Connector list. The New WordPress Connector section will appear.

  • Fill out the fields that are required (indicated by the yellow stars next to them).

  • Give your Connector a name, such as “Main WP blog”.

  • In the URL field, enter the link to your WordPress home page.

  • In the Username and Password fields, enter your WordPress credentials.

  • The next screen will show that the Connector has been created successfully.

  • To sync your Spectate WordPress data with your WordPress account, click on the “Sync now”. It may take a few minutes to pull all of your data into the application.

Here is a PDF explaining the process with screenshots: WordPress_Connector.pdf