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Create a Twitter Connector

  • To create a new Twitter Connector, click on the Administration tab on the left and click on the Connectors link. You will see all of your existing Connectors in the Connectors table.

  • Click on the “+Create Connector” link at the top right. Next, select “Twitter” from the New Connector list. The New Twitter Connector section will appear.

  • Enter a unique name for your Twitter Connector and click “Create”.

  • Next, you will be taken to the Twitter screen, on which you have to enter your Twitter username and password and click “Allow” to allow Spectate to connect to your Twitter account. You will then be redirected to the Spectate screen, where you can see that the Connector was created.

  • In the Snapshot section, you can see the number of people that you follow and the number of your followers.

Here is a PDF demonstrating the process with screenshots: