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View a Campaign

To view an existing Campaign -

  1. Select Manage
  2. Select Campaigns
  3. You should now see the Campaigns table. Select the name of any campaign to see further details.

Each Campaign includes the following tables of information and data -

  1. Campaign Information - the Cost, Lead Value, Value, and ROI of a Campaign defined on creation
  2. Campaign Statistics - the Page Views, Referral Sources, and Search Terms defined specifically for the Campaign
  3. Rules - the filters applied to a Campaign and defined on creation
  4. Leads - the Leads, including Company and Activity Information, as defined by Spectate specific to this Campaign
  5. Visitors - all unique Visitors, including individual Sessions, Page Views, and Referral Sources
  6. Visitor Companies - the Visitor Companies, including Search Terms and individual Visitor information, as defined by Spectate specific to this company
  7. Campaign Objects - all associated Social Posts, Forms, Landing Pages, Custom Links, Files, and other Spectate-specific items associated with the Campaign
  8. CRM Opportunities - all Opportunities, defined by connecting a CRM campaign on creation, associated with specific Leads and Campaigns