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Associate a Mention Tracker with a Campaign

To associate one or more Campaigns with your Mention Tracker, go to the Edit mode for the Mention Tracker.

  • To do this, click on the Marketing tab on the left, and then click on Track -> Mentions. You will see that all of your Mention Trackers are listed in the Mention Trackers table. Note that you can sort the table by clicking on the column names. You can also search for a Mention Tracker by entering the name into the Filter text field and hitting “return”.

  • Once you’ve found the Mention Tracker that you would like to update, click the “Edit” link in the Actions column. The Edit Mention Tracker section will appear.

  • Select the names of the Campaigns that you would like to add to the listener from the Campaigns drop-down box.

  • Once you’re done adding the Social Listeners, click “Save Changes”.